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Bully B.E.A.N.S

Bully B.E.A.N.S. - Julia Cook

Written by: Julia Cook



This book is so fantastic! It is about a bully that frequently will threaten the kids at the school. One day, a student goes home to tell her mother about the bully. The mother gives her daughter the "bully beans". The mother explains to her child that when she eats these beans, they give her the strength to stand up to the bullies.Later on, you find out that the bully is actually getting bullied at home, causing her to act out against other at school.


I think this book is geared towards 1st-4rd graders. It has a very powerful message about how students can stand up to bullies and not be afraid of them. It also explains that some of the bullies might have problems of their own at home causing them to act out at school, which most students may not even know to begin with. This book would be excellent for really helping the students understand bullying and what it actually is, whether or not there is a bully in the classroom. It is always good to know how to help if the students even were in a similar situaiton! I would have the students complete an activity where they are in groups and have to act out different scenarios about bullying. There will then be discussion about what went wrong or right in the situations and how it could be fixed.