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Red: A Crayon's Story

Red: A Crayon's Story - Michael  Hall

Written by: Michael Hall 


This book is about a little crayon, red, that would color blue. He simply could not do anything right and all the other crayons thought it was weird he colored a different color than his name. So they tried to fix him but eventually the other crayons realized that he was different and started excepting him because they knew it wasn't his fault. He actually could help them a lot and figured that out when one of the colors asked him to try to be himself. 


This book is very touching and has such a strong message. I would read this to any 1st-4th grade class. It talks a lot about diversity and how some people may be different on the outside but on the inside are the same as everyone else. This is an important lesson for all students to understand because it is  always good to except people, even if they are different. I would have the students after this activity role play different scenarios dealing with diversity in the classroom. The teacher will ask the students if the situation shown was a correct or incorrect way to handle the situation and why.