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Max The Brave

Max the Brave - Ed Vere

Written by: Ed Vere


This is by far the most adorable book I have read! It is about a cat who is fearless and wants to go searching for a mouse. The only problem: he doesn't even know what a mouse looks like. This book will have you laughing the entire time you read it with your students. 


I would read this book to K-2nd grade. It is a wonderful book to show the power of being brave, even when you don't think you can be. I would make the students cards that had each of the characters Max encounters on his hunt to find the mouse. When it gets to their animal being shown, they stand up and hold their cards up. This keeps them engaged through the reading and more interactive for the students. As an activity, the students could write about a time they were brave and how they felt. They could then draw a picture to go along with their writing.